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Python Interface



  • An arduino-compatible microcontroller (confirmed working on Arduino Mega and Teensy 3.5)


  • Python 3 (use python 3.6 or newer)
  • Various python libraries, specified in requirements.txt: pip install -r requirements.txt


Set up a python IDE

Follow the instructions in the Python Tips page.

Clone the code

Already have an IDE you like (like VSCode or PyCharm)?

Download the Python Interface


Settings Locations

  • Scripts are located in “pressure_control_run
  • Controller configurations are located in the “config” folder
  • Trajectory setup files are located in the “traj_setup” folder
  • After trajectories are built, auto-generated files are located in the “traj_built” folder

Run Python Scripts

Run python scripts through the terminal: python [arg1] [arg2]

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