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Pressure Skills

Build complex parametric skills in pressure control space using straightforward definition files.


In practical use, this pressure control system is extremely versatile, however the ROS driver still acts a relatively low level: sending pressure signals over time. Setting up pre-programmed trajectories (or even realtime feedback control) works well, but requires a lot of copying and pasting of the same pressure trajectories into different files. In addition, sometimes we operate using a family of trajectories with fundamentally the same form, so there is a lot of room to automate this.

Introducing “Pressure Skills”! With this framework, we can define families of pressure trajectories (skills) using parameters and math, then use them like functions to obtain specific trajectories given particular values of the parameters.




  • The ROS Driver for this project
  • The pressure_controller_skills package
  • Various python libraries:
    • All python dependencies are managed in the requirements file. pip install -r requirements.txt


  1. Set up and install the ROS Driver.
  2. Clone the pressure_controller_skills package to the src folder of your catkin workspace.
  3. In the root folder of your catkin workspace, run catkin_make to enable the custom python modules in this package to work.

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