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Realtime control with pressure_control_ros

  1. Send Trajectories in Realtime
  2. Additional Documentation

Send Trajectories in Realtime

I wrote a handy python class within the pressure_controller_ros package to make executing trajectories on pressure controllers an easy process. In addition, I recommend using sorotraj to build trajectories from definitions similar to what is done in the raw python driver.

Here is a minimal example showing the relevant lines to add to your own ROS node:

Note: This requires sorotraj 1.3.1 or newer

import sorotraj
from pressure_controller_ros.msg import *
from pressure_controller_ros.live_traj_new import trajSender as pneu_traj_sender

# Make a sotortaj traj builder
builder = sorotraj.TrajBuilder()

# Load a trajectory from a file and make some modifications on the fly
file_to_use = 'my_trajectory.yaml'
traj_def = builder.get_definition()
traj_def['setpoints']['main'][0] = [0.00, 10,10,  10,10,  10,10,  10,10] # Make some
    # modifications to the definition (i.e. change a waypoints)
builder.set_definition(traj_def) # Reset the definition (this also rebuilds the trajectory)

# Alternatively, you can forgo the "load from file" step and set the trajectory
# definition directly if you have already loaded/created it.
# builder.set_definition(traj_def) 

# Get a flattened trajectory in "sorotraj" format
traj = builder.get_flattened_trajectory(num_reps=1, speed_factor=1.0)

# Now execute the trajectory on the pressure controller
hand_sender = pneu_traj_sender(self.speed_factor) # Make a traj-sender object
traj_ros = hand_sender.build_traj(traj) # Convert the trajectory to a ROS trajectory
hand_sender.execute_traj(traj_ros, blocking=False) # Run the trajectory
hand_sender.traj_client.wait_for_result() # Wait until the trajectory is finished

Additional Documentation

The implementation for realtime control is based on the ur_modern_driver for Universal Robots, and is extensively used in my companion ROS package for coordinating with an arm: Hand+Arm Package. To check out how this works at a lower level, feel free to check out the source code and the live_traj_follower launch file.